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Our goal is to become the world’s leading diesel engine & generator & water pump brand incubator,to be a trusted quality supplier for brands, and to provide consumers with high-quality products.

Our Mission

Sustainable future: TAVAS is committed to providing the world with Eco-friendly, low-emission, and low-noise engines it is one of the few manufacturers to have developed a high-powered air-cooled engine that meets Euro 5 emissions certification.

Fully certified: In addition to CE certification, TAVAS also holds EURO 5, ROHS, NE, and EMC certificates, providing our partners with a comprehensive, authentic, and reliable endorsement.

Our Philosophy

Above industry standards: TAVAS insisted on the management of production and operation based on ISO9001 &ISO14001 and passed the factory audit with high scores by SGS and TUV Rheinland. We continue to implement advanced manufacturing systems that reduce the defect rate to the lowest in the industry through multiple workstation-inspection mechanisms that combine skilled teams and smart production lines. Higher accuracy of the assembly process, longer manufacturing time of products, more efficient mass production, and less labor intensity of workers.

Our Value

Growing with our partners: TAVAS offers value beyond the products themselves. We are willing to learn the needs of our partners, offer reliable integrated solutions for you, and take positive action.

Why We Are Best

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Tavas Development History

Wujin Diesel Engine Factory

Established in 1956:Wujin Diesel Engine Plant

It is the first county-owned enterprise that successfully produced S195 diesel engine on a trial basis in China, and is now the backbone enterprise of the Ministry of Machinery for the production of small and medium power diesel engines, and enjoys the right of independent import and export operation, and is a national second-class enterprise and a large national first-class enterprise.

Formally established in 2001:Changzhou Wujin Wuling Diesel Engine Co., Ltd

Wuling brand S1100 diesel engine is the only national gold award product among similar products in China, and the two series of S1100 and S1110 are one of the products with the widest market coverage among the same type in China, which has won the gold medal of China Patent and New Product Expo for many times, and has been the famous trademark of Jiangsu Province for six consecutive years.

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From 2001-2020 :Continued exploration and transformation of the market

Continuously innovate products around the consumer demand of generators and expand new functional products of generators; form industry self-regulation, abandon the mindset of low-price competition and advocate differentiated competition, hierarchical competition, and customized development;

Empower the generator manufacturing industry with green and energy saving, apply new technologies and materials that are safe and environmentally friendly, improve the level of consumption reduction, vibration, and noise reduction, and enhance the comfort and intelligence of generators.

Established in August 2020: Brand creation, new brand Tavas

First modernization and product upgrade, high thermal efficiency of air-cooled diesel engine, low fuel consumption rate. High operational reliability, stable power generation output, usually the power generation runs at 90% of the rated power. Strong load adaptability, the fuel consumption rate of the unit changes less when the load changes from 50% to 100%, so it has good economy in peak regulation and a wide range of load changes. Small unit capacity, simple operation, easy for general operators to master, simple maintenance, convenient maintenance

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August 2020-December 2022: Annual sales of main products over 100 million, opening up the European market, upgrading the factory

TAVAS also ushered in a moment in the history of the company’s development, the company’s annual sales exceeded the billion mark for the first time. The production capacity and technology were upgraded again iteratively, and the factory was expanded to 8,000 square meters with a complete set of management and quality inspection system to improve delivery efficiency. This is the result of the joint efforts of all the staff of the company, marking the development of the company into a new stage.

March 2023:Looking to the future New foreign trade department established

The diesel engine market will continue to grow steadily in the future, and TAVAS will continue to work on technological innovation and market expansion to meet the needs of our customers and changes in the market. We believe that through our efforts and innovations, our company will continue to be a leader in the diesel engine industry.

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Catherine Shen<br />

Catherine Shen

Founder & CEO


“Take more time on products & service ”


Our Exhibitions

We positively participated many exhibitions: Canton Fair, GPOWER Power Show, POWERGEN International, Middle East Electricity, and so on. We actively participate in Oil & Gas Indonesia India Energy Storage Week and other exhibitions and are committed to reaching out to more customers, Hope to get many good reviews and orders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of frequently asked questions are you looking for?

What is the form of diesel engine that our company produces?

single-cylinder,two-cylinder,direct injection, vertical,4-stroke,air-cooled,water-cooled.

How many kinds of speed control handles are there for air-cooled single-cylinder diesel engines?

Ordinary handle, second gear handle, Italian handle.(emergency stop handle)

What are the common sockets on the panel of our generator sets?

European plugs, British plugs, American anti-loose plugs, Australian inverted three-way plugs, South African sockets, three-phase five-hole industrial plugs, etc.

How long does it take to change the engine oil after using the diesel engine for the first time?

20 hours

How many liters of oil are added to the 186FA diesel engine?<br />


How many hours to change the air filter of our diesel engine?

50-100 hours

What grade of diesel fuel is used for summer/winter diesel engines?

Summer:0# diesel

Winter:-10#/-20# diesel

What brand of oil do our diesel engines use?

CD grade or CF-150W-40,low temperature area CF-150W-30

How many minutes is the standard test time for our diesel engine?

45 minutes

What is the standard test time of our diesel generator sets not less than how many minutes?

No less than 30 minutes

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