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Inverter Gasoline Generator

Newly designed ultra-quiet inverter gasoline generator, with silent as the goal of R & D and design, subverting the image of the traditional silent generator noise, to meet the needs of medium and high-end users

Superior Silence

Using fully enclosed design and high-efficiency silencer to reduce the noise to international standards and avoid noise pollution

Powerful Power

Equipped with high-performance gasoline engine, providing strong power to meet the demand for electricity

Low Fuel Consumption

Adopting advanced fuel-saving technology effectively reduces the running cost and is more economical

Simple Operation

One-button start design, easy to operate and convenient to use

Exquisite Appearance

Fashionable design style, showing the user’s taste

Services We Offer

Technical service business scope of generator sets

It mainly includes the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, inspection and maintenance of generator sets
The service scope of the generator set includes pre-sale, sale and after-sale service. Including providing customers with technical advice, program design, equipment installation, commissioning and operation, equipment maintenance, parts supply and personnel training

The business scope of the generator set products

Genset product range covers a variety of power, various types, various brands of generator sets. These include diesel generator sets, gasoline generator sets and so on. At the same time, with the changes in energy structure and market demand, genset products are also constantly innovating and upgrading

Genset market demand and future development

With the world’s environmental protection, energy security and energy transition and other policies, the future market demand for gensets will also continue to increase. In addition, with the application of new technologies such as the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, gensets will also move towards intelligence and digitalization. In the future, genset products will become more and more intelligent, green and efficient, and will play an increasingly important role in various fields

See How We Operate

Collecting Materials

Gasoline generator factories need to purchase gasoline engines, generators, electrical components, chassis and other raw materials


Product Assembly

The gasoline generator factory assembles the processed gasoline engine, generator, electrical components, chassis and other components to finally form the finished gasoline generator


Product Testing

The gasoline generator factory performs performance testing on finished gasoline generators to ensure that they meet quality standards


Product Packaging

Pack the qualified generators in standard packaging boxes to ensure that the products are not damaged during transportation


Product transportation

The logistics company is responsible for arranging vehicles to transport the generator to the location set by the customer


After-Sales Service

Once the generator is delivered to the customer, the manufacturer will provide after-sales service support, which includes installation guidance, maintenance advice, warranty service, and accessories and repair support


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