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Tavas Service System

Tavas is committed to providing high-quality products and good customer service experience.If you have specific questions or need further assistance, please contact Tavas’s official channels directly for more accurate information and support.

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Pre-sale Service

Providing timely and helpful assistance to potential customers is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and building strong business relationships.

1.By offering professional product OEM/ODM solutions based on the customer’s market and business model, considering various factors such as product performance, style, appearance, packaging design, and price point, we can meet the specific needs and preferences of our customers.

2.In addition, our one-stop purchasing service allows for the convenience of multi-category mixed packing with low MOQ, giving customers the flexibility to select and order multiple products according to their requirements.

3.We also take pride in offering a comprehensive range of certifications, including CE, RoHS, EMC, and low noise certificates, along with Oeko-Tex certification and Euro V certificate compliance. This ensures that our products meet necessary standards and regulations, providing customers with peace of mind regarding product quality and safety.

4.Furthermore, we understand the importance of flexible payment methods, and we offer options such as accepting L/C to accommodate various customer preferences and requirements.

By providing excellent pre-sales service and support, we aim to forge long-lasting relationships with our customers, helping them make informed decisions and building their trust in both our products and our company.

Sales Tracking

1. Material preparation progress report

1. Raw Material Sourcing
2. Material Testing
3. Quality Control
4. Material Inventory
5. Packaging and Labeling
6. Delivery Schedule

2. The first sample test report

1. Test Objective

2. Test Specifications

3. Test Procedures

4. Test Results

3. Production progress report

1. Assembly line setup
2. Component procurement
3. Assembly
4. Issues encountered
5. Progress analysis
6. Next steps

4. Pre-shipment inspection report

1. Visual inspection

2. Functional testing

3. Packaging inspection

4. Accessories inspection

5.Shipment report

1. Shipment details

2. Sender and recipient details

3. Description of goods

4. Shipment status

6. Shipping tracking report

1. Shipment details 2. Shipment status updates
3. Tracking history
4. Delivery status
5. Shipment milestones
6. Shipment location, Estimated delivery date
7. Additional notes or remarks

After-sales service


Provide a complete set of maintenance parts related to the product.


Provide trouble shooting for common product problems to help customers quickly after-sales.


The after-sales technical team provides remote assistance to solve after-sales problems quickly and efficiently.


4. Rapid complaint handling mechanism and continuous improvement reporting.


Product performance follow-up visit.


Conduct in-depth product training for customers (the selling points of our products), establish and strengthen their own sales/after-sales team.

Market support


Advertising materials, product brochures


High-definition product pictures, product display videos and other network promotion materials


Facebook, portal website, social media brand cooperation promotion, local retail orders are diverted to customers.


Regularly launch low-price promotions for specific styles to help customers seize the market.

Customer benefits

Silver Partner 40w/Gold Partner 90w/Diamond Partner 200w

1.New free display prototype

3. Regional agency rights for exclusive models

2. Year-end rebate discount

4. Authorized agency in specific category areas

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