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How long can a diesel generator work continuously

Sep 26, 2023

Before we know how long a diesel generator can run continuously, we need to know the max output power and rated output power difference between the two terms.

What ls Max Output /Rated Output Power ?

Max output power: a diesel generator in continuous operation for 9-12 hours within 1 hour to reach the max output power values.

Rated output power: a diesel generator in continuous operation of 9-12 hours to achieve the average power values.

The Difference Between Max Output/Rated Output

For example, the purchase of a rated output power of 10kw diesel generator, then 9-12 hours of operation of the average power of 10kw, the max output power may reach 10.5-11kw. However, if the purchase of the max output power of a 10kw diesel generator is, then it is very likely that the rated output power is only 9kw up and down. This results in a diesel generator set with a small drag, greatly shortening the service life of the diesel generator, very prone to failure. In general, diesel generators are big, not small. Pick the better power is in the actual need for electricity consumption plus about 10-15%. The best economic operation of diesel generators is between 80% and 90% of the rated power.

On average, a small to medium-sized standby generator can power a home/outdoor business, etc. for around 2,500-3,000 hours, but it is recommended that you do not run the generator for more than 300-500 hours continuously. However, it is recommended that you do not run the generator continuously for more than 300-500 hours, as Tavas generators are not designed to run continuously for days at a time.

How long do Tavas diesel generators run continuously?

Tavas produces generators that operate at rated power for approximately 5.3-17 hours (please refer to air-cooled open frame diesel generator series,air-cooled silent diesel generator series,double-cylinder diesel generator series,water cooled diesel generator series,diesel welding generator series for specific operating hours or fuel consumption rates).

The following 5 points limit the operating time of diesel generators

1. Total Fuel Tank Capacity: Diesel generators need enough diesel fuel to keep running. Travis provides 15L and 30L fuel tanks for you to choose from, which can keep the diesel generator set running continuously for a long time. (Please contact us for special styles).

2. Diesel fuel quality: Due to different countries and regions, the quality of diesel fuel will be certainly different, the specific factors have to be based on the quality of diesel fuel to determine the running time difference.

3. Maintenance and repair: Diesel generators require regular maintenance and repair, including the replacement of air filters, diesel filters, oil filters, oil or timely replacement of other consumables, as well as checking and adjusting the various components of the unit. Generators that are not properly maintained and serviced may malfunction or fail, thus limiting their operating hours.

4. Temperature and environmental conditions: The operating hours of the generator may be affected by temperature and environmental conditions. For example, under extremely high or low-temperature conditions, the generator’s performance may be affected or even prevented from operating properly.

5. Load Demand: The running time of the generator depends on the connected load demand. If the load demand is too large than the rated power of the generator, it may lead to overload, the generator will stop running or be damaged, Try to avoid letting the generator run continuously at the maximum power.

7.Equipment Life Limits: Generators are designed and manufactured to have life limits. Continuous continuous operation for a long period of time/long overload operation will cause wear and fatigue on the various components of the generator, which will affect its performance and running time.


The running time of a diesel generator is affected by a number of factors, and TAVAS provides you with reliable, high-quality generators that provide continuous standby power for a variety of industries.

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